The quality assurance programme of an organisation provides confidence to management, customers, regulators, and external entities that the performance and effectiveness of risk controls put in place by the organisation are able to identify, mitigate, and/or eliminate hazards to the operations and ensure high service levels.

Certifications to international standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ISAGO, and IATA CEIV are globally recognised, promote recognition, and provide assurance to customers and regulators. Our pool of experienced professionals can support you in doing the gap analysis and preparations if you are planning on obtaining such certifications.

We can assist in the identification and coordination with the appropriate third-party certification body.

Audits, inspections, and evaluations are important tools in the effective implementation of a Quality Assurance programme and play a significant role in the achievement of quality and safety objectives. We can help you perform effective internal and third-party/supplier audits.