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The aviation and logistics industries are in for an exciting growth phase in India! Traffic volumes at the existing airports have grown exponentially, and new greenfield airports are under development. This growth is throwing open new opportunities to those who have the interest and the right skill sets. We aim to provide those skill sets to you so that you too can become part of this growth story and surpass your goals.


Our Ground and Cargo Training Takes You Further!

What We Do


We provide operations-related training in Passenger Handling, Ramp Handling, Cargo operations, and Logistics.


We coach people at all levels to maximize their personal and professional potential. We can support you in the development and improvement of your manuals, operations processes, procedures, and quality and safety systems.


If you are aiming to undergo a third-party QMS or SMS certification, we could connect you with an independent certification body and support you in your efforts to prepare and get ready.

Logistics Support

If you are looking for guidance and solutions to your logistics requirements, you are in the right place! Avia can facilitate and connect you with the right logistics service providers.

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Our Courses

Our courses are aimed at providing the necessary information and knowledge that could be practically applied in various operations job roles. The courses are designed based on IATA Standards and Recommended Practices.

Our Story

We are a team of professionals that have vast experience in passenger services, ramp operations, cargo and logistics, training, quality assurance, safety management, and coaching. Our objective is to develop skills and capabilities through training that is integrative and holistic and covers all aspects of airport operations. Avia aims to facilitate enhanced opportunities for freshers in frontline roles in the aviation and logistics industries by equipping them with the required skills and knowledge.

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