About Avia

Our Story

We are a team of professionals with vast experience in passenger services, ramp operations, cargo and logistics, training, quality assurance, safety management, and coaching. Our coaches can work with clients at various levels to help them discover or connect with their strongest motivation and values, make changes, and overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.

Our core objective is to develop skills and capabilities through integrative and holistic training that covers all aspects of airport operations and the logistics industry and coach people to realise and maximise their personal and professional potential. Avia aims to facilitate enhanced opportunities for freshers in frontline roles in the aviation and logistic industries by equipping them with the required skills and knowledge. 

At Avia Training & Consulting LLP, we have the passion to contribute to quality and safety in airport passenger services, ground and cargo operations, and the logistics industry. With our expertise in process development, auditing, and coaching, we help organisations achieve and maintain high standards. We will utilise our collective experience to train and develop knowledge and skills that meet the standards of IATA and DGCA India.         

Aviation in India is in a rapid growth environment, and we seek to be the enablers that will significantly enhance the job prospects for freshers in airport passenger services, ground handling, cargo, and logistics operations. The organisations will benefit from the availability of a trained, customer-focused pool of talent that will contribute to improved operational safety and quality. We have regular training courses that are offered in-house. Some courses may be offered on site in collaboration with an associate or industry partner.

The airport operations-related courses at AVIA will be largely modelled on IATA requirements for various functions. Where the courses or programmes are conducted in collaboration with an airline, ground handling companies in India, or logistics partner, their respective requirements will be incorporated.

Meet Krishnan & Yogesh


                            KRISHNAN ADINARAYANAN

Krishnan is an aviation professional with expertise in Airport Ground and Cargo Operations , Regulatory Compliance, Quality Assurance, Documentation, Manuals and SOPs, Training,  Dangerous Goods, and Emergency Response.   

He has over 35 years’ experience in the aviation industry. He led the Quality Assurance and  Compliance function and also  held the position of Dangerous Goods Post Holder in Etihad Airport Services at Abu Dhabi International Airport  in the UAE. 

Krishnan has extensive experience in creating management system documents, operations manuals and standard operating procedures, planning and implementation of regulatory and industry standards & recommended practices in operations; training, audit and oversight activities.

Prior to relocating to Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Krishnan worked with Air India at IGI Airport for more than 12 years.

Krishnan is a certified Lead Auditor in Quality Management System (QMS) and Safety Management System (SMS).

He served as a member of the Airport Emergency Committee at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He has experience participating in many ‘full-scale’ emergency exercises at Abu Dhabi and Al Ain International Airports. He has also performed the role of Exercise Controller in these exercises.

Prior to his role in Quality Assurance, Krishnan led the Training department of  Abu Dhabi Airport Services and has experience in managing, facilitating and delivering operations training programs. He has experience in the design and development of operational training courses and manuals in accordance with regulatory and International Air  Transport Association (IATA ) standards and requirements.   


                                              YOGESH BHANDARI

With over 35 years of experience, Yogesh Bhandari is a dynamic aviation professional with core experience in cargo and logistics. Yogesh has worked with Japan Airlines (JAL) for 15 years. After leaving JAL, he headed a cargo and freight forwarding agency. He is rich in experience and practical knowledge of Logistics and aviation, as well as personnel, HR, and Administration functions.

In JAL, Yogesh worked in various divisions in Delhi, including Cargo, reservations and ticketing, flight handling and airport operations, HR, personnel, and administration. His responsibilities in the JAL Delhi office included formulating policies to focus on the development of abilities to meet the present and future goals of the station. He was responsible for evaluating the requirements, understanding the skills required, and identifying the best available resources. He was a member of the budget team, coordinated with the Station manager, and reported to the JAL Headquarters in Tokyo.

As the head of the Cargo and Freight Forwarding Agency, he had the opportunity to successfully deal with the transportation and handling of various types of cargo, including warehousing and Customs clearance.

During his tenure at JAL, he attended various trainings and seminars in various locations across the world, including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Jakarta, Bangkok, etc.

Presently, he is a guest faculty of Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University (RGNAU).